Raw Vegan Banana Cream Cake 

Such a delicious treat that leaves you feeling good after you've eaten a few slices because of the wholesome and nutrient rich ingredients inside of it. Raw vegan desserts are my favorite and this one is another notch in my belt. Try it and enjoy.

1ea 9” round pan
2-1/2c Banana Chips
1c Coconut Flakes (dehydrated, shreds, no sugar added)
3/4c Pumpkin Seeds
5 ea Dates (pitted, soft)
2T Coconut Oil
1/2c Coconut Flour
1c Oat Flour
1T Black Strap Molasses
1t Psyllium Husk (optional)
1/2t Cinnamon
1/4t Sea Salt (fine grain)
For The Cream
½ ea Banana (fresh, ripe)
1 ea Coconut Cream 12-14 oz can
2T Agave Nectar
2 T Coconut Oil

Optional Garnish 
Coconut Whipped Cream 
Bananas (fresh sliced)
Agave Nectar (drizzle)

-Chef’s Knife
-Cutting Board
-Kitchen Towel
-Blender/Food Processor
-Lined Pie Dish/ Cake Pan
-Large Mixing Bowl
-Measuring Cups
-Measuring Spoons
-Tasting Spoon
-Serving Dish

In a food processor or blender, pulse banana chips and pumpkin seeds to a small coarse ground.
In large mixing bowl blend all dry ingredients until well combined. Add molasses, coconut oil, and dates. Mix with hand until well combined and mixture maintains its shape when firmly squeezed in hand.
Transfer mix into lined baking dish. Refrigerate.
In a blender mix the ingredients for the banana cream until smooth. Pour over the top of cooled banana cake and refrigerate until the cream becomes set, approximately an hour.
Slice and serve.
*Notes: You may make this recipe from start to finish in a large food processor, if you have one. Be sure to pulse the mixture in brief intervals.
Be sure that all of your ingredients are room temperature before you start.

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