Refunds & Exchanges

Refunds For Food Delivery & Pick Up Orders 

Full and partial refunds are available for incorrect food orders and food orders that are not delivered with in a reasonable amount of time with respect to the scheduled delivery window. Over 90 minutes past the delivery window the customer is eligible for a partial refund upon request. A full refund is given if food order is rejected upon late delivery.

No Ghosting Orders: If a customer has agreed to a particular delivery window, it is their responsibility to be on the set delivery location during the time window of delivery or to communicate what is to be done with the food order once it has arrived. If a customer does neither, the customer is not eligible for a refund and will have to arrange pickup of the food which is not guaranteed due to our extensive delivery schedule. 

Food Allergies: Rachel's Green Hut LLC takes food safety, health, and wellness very seriously. Food orders marked with allergies are prepared very meticulously to ensure that our vegan foodie is able to enjoy our food without threat of any contamination from a food allergy.

Non-edible Objects: The team of chefs and cooks here at Rachel's Green Hut takes extra precautions to ensure only the best quality food for our vegan foodies. We do not wear any jewelry in our kitchen and our hair is covered with hair nets. In our kitchen itself we only use stainless steel, that is in our equipment, our bowls, and our utensils; followed up by only ecofriendly paper goods for our delivery and pick up orders. There is no refund for objects found in food that we do not possess in our professional kitchen, for example, glass and/or wood.

We are a small business therefore every dollar matters. We refund our sincere customers who have legitimate claims and/or concerns that can be proven.

Refunds & Exchanges For Classes

Cancel 72hrs before the class starts for a full refund on the class. To exchange an already purchased class for another there will be a $10 exchange fee added and this must be must be done 72hrs before the already purchased class' date. There are no refunds or exchanges for missed classes.

Refunds For E-books

The download link for the ebook becomes immediately available on screen after purchase, as a result there are no refunds on the ebooks.

Refunds For Ordered Meals

No refunds for ordered meals with in 72 hours of theserving date. This is only because your meal has already been accounted for in the food cost as well as the preparation by this time. Please be mindful that the chef needs notice at minimum 96 hours (four days) before serving date so that you can receive your refund in full, no questions asked.

Refunds For Coaching Services

Refunds for coaching services are available in full, 48 hours before the first zoom consultation. After that time frame a 10% fee will be with held upon cancellation to accommodate for the lost time of the health coach. Cancellations after the zoom meeting or during the coaching time frame will be pro-rated according to the days left for the duration of the coaching schedule.

Refunds For Chef Consultations

Refunds for Chef consultations are available in full 48 hours before the scheduled consultation date. After that time a 20% fee will be withheld to accommodate for the time withheld on the schedule. Refunds are not available after the consultation has taken place and all of the information that has been stated in the website description of the consultation service, has been given. 

Email: for special exemptions/circumstances.

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