Crispy Yucca & Cheese Bites

Somewhere in my mind, I feel, that I should feel bad about deep frying in oil, but I don’t. On a scale of family comparisons, Yucca would be the great grandfather of the potato. Very starchy and has a subtle yet distinct root vegetable flavor. If you have never tried yucca, these pop-able' fried delicious bites would be a great introduction.

1ea Yuca (peeled, diced, cooked- see below)

1/3c Vegan Cheese Shreds

1/4t Sea Salt tt

1/8t Black Pepper tt

1/4c Tapioca Starch/Corn Starch

1ea Avocado (ripe, peeled, seeded)

1ea Salsa Verde (small can)

1/2bunch Cilantro Fresh

2c Vegetable Oil 


-Cutting Board

-Chef’s Knife

-Kitchen Towel

-Lined Baking Tray

-Mixing Bowl

-Measuring Cup


-Small Pot (deep enough to fry in)

-Spider or Fork (for frying)

-High Temp Thermometer

-Paper Towel Lined Baking Sheet

-Pastry Brush

-Rubber Spatula

-Serving Dishes

-Tasting Spoons

In mixing bowl add cooked yucca and vegan cheese. Mix until thoroughly combined. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Form yucca bites to your desired size and place on tray. Dust lightly with tapioca starch or gluten free flour.

In a blender attachment add avocado, salsa verde, and cilantro. Blend until smooth. Taste. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Pour into a serving dish and

Preheat oil in small pot 325-350F. Fry yucca bites until they become golden brown and crispy. Pull from hot oil with spider and place on paper towel lined baking sheet. Plate yucca bites while they are hot and serve alongside avocado salsa verde.

Cooking The Yuca: You may boil or steam your diced yuca, but be watchful not to overcook it in to mush. As soon as it becomes fork tender, it is ready. Yuca is so starchy which makes it really easy to form into balls with your hands so long as it is not overcooked. However, if you do over cook the yuca, all is not lost, allow it to cool off completely, then gently fold in your vegan cheese, salt, and pepper and simply scoop the mixture into individual portions. Lightly coat each one just before placing the yuca bite into the oil… or you can just bake them without any starch or flour coating. 

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