Crispy Vegan Taquitos

These vegan taquitos are so delicious. Beefy*, cheesy, crispy and full of flavor they are sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter the audience, place or time.


makes approximately 6-8ea

2ea Lg Portebella Mushroom (large julienne cut)

1ea Lg Red Bell Pepper ( julienne cut, save pepper red bell pepper tops and bottoms for spice puree, flesh only

)2T Cilantro (chopped)

1ea Vegan Beef Bouillon

2ea Garlic Cloves

2t Liquid Smoke

½ T Chili Powder

½ T Cumin (ground)

¼ c Water 1/3c Vegan Mozzarella Cheese (shredded)

4T Canola Oil/ Grapeseed Oil (divided)

Red Bell Pepper Scraps

Sea Salt tt

Pepper tt

Corn Tortillas

2c Masa Harina

1-1/2c Hot Water

1/2t Sea Salt


2ea Avocado (diced or smashed)

1ea Lime (fresh squeezed)

1T Cilantro (chopped)

1/4c Red Onion (small dice)

Salt tt

Pepper tt

Pico de Gallo

2ea Lg Tomato (diced)

1/3c Red Onion (diced)

1T Jalapeño (diced or sliced)

1T Cilantro (chopped)

1ea Lime (juice)

1ea Lemon (juice)


-Medium Mixing Bowl

-Cutting Board

-Chef’s Knife

-Mixing Spoon

-Medium Sauté Pan

-Wooden Spoon, Rubber Spatula heat safe

-Two Medium Bowls

-Parchment paper


-Rolling Pin

-Pizza Cutter

-Damp Paper Towel


-Plastic Wrap


-Tasting Spoon

-Measuring Cups

-Measuring Spoons

-Serving Dish

For the corn tortillas, in a large bowl mix together masa harina and salt.  Add hot water and mix until corn dough forms.

Portion dough into small balls or desired ounces (a 1/4c measure or 1/3 c measure is helpful for consistency). On a clean flat surface roll out dough balls into round corn tortillas. Be sure that your tortillas are thin, if they are too thick they will break during the filling and rolling process of the enchiladas.

Heat non-stick sauté pan on medium heat. Gently lay one of your corn tortillas into the heated pan allow to cook for approximately 1-1/2 to 2 minutes on each side. Remove from pan using spatula on to the plate. Cover with damp kitchen towel and repeat.

Store in an airtight bag until use. (if you are using immediately the damp towel and plate will be enough.)

For the pico de gallo, mix all ingredienrs and taste to adjust seasonings with salt and pepper. Set aside.

For the guacamole, mix all ingredients and taste to adjust seasonings with salt and pepper. Set aside.

In blender puree vegan bouillon, garlic, liquid smoke, chili powder, ground cumin, and water.

Heat two tablespoons of oil in medium sauté pan on medium-high heat. Add mushrooms, julienne peppers and seasoning puree. Reduce heat to medium and allow peppers and mushrooms to cook down slowly until they become tender. Season with salt and pepper to taste, if needed*.

Transfer mushrooms in to medium heat safe bowl, and allow to cool slightly. Add vegan cheese and cilantro and mix. Add three to four tablespoons of the mixture onto one side of the corn tortilla and gently roll up. Set seam side down. 

In medium non-stick sauté pan add remaining two tablespoons of oil and heat on medium heat. Pan sear each taquito on each side until corn tortilla shell becomes crispy, the filling becomes hot and the cheese becomes melted.

Cut each taquito in half and serve with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo

© Copyright Korennrachelle