Raw Vegan Sushi Rolls

These rolls are light, zesty, and delicious. With no carbs from rice or any other cooked alternative grains you can sit down to a plate full of these and get up satiated with out the heavy feeling of carb overload.

Makes 6 each Rolls

Prep Time 15-20 minutes

1ea Cucumber, seedless (thin sliced) see note below

1ea Cucumber, seedless (sliced lengthwise in strips)

1ea Red Bell Pepper (fine julienne)

1ea Carrot, peeled (fine julienne)

2ea Scallions (thin sliced)

¼ bunch Cilantro (rough chopped)

1ea Avocado (sliced into strips)

1/4c Hemp Seeds (optional)

Wasabi (garnish)

6ea Raw Nori Sheets

Sweet Veggie Slaw* 


-Chef’s Knife

-Slicer Knife

-Cutting Board

-Prep Tray (try for prepared vegetables)


-Small Mixing Bowl

-Mixing Spoon

-Bamboo Sushi Mat (plastic wrapped)

-Small Dish (for water)

Lay one sheet of nori on top bamboo mat and line with thinly shaved/sliced cucumber. Be sure to leave a half of an inch clear of all vegetables in order to get a clean seal of your roll. Arrange cucumber sticks, carrots, red bell pepper, scallions, cilantro, and avocado. Sprinkle with hemp seeds and roll tightly, be sure to wet the remaining nori with water so that the wrap securely closes. Slice roll into 8 pieces and serve with coconut aminos.

For sweet veggie slaw, add all remaining vegetables left over from making the rolls into a small bowl with a bit of agave nectar, coconut aminos and sesame seeds. Taste for seasoning. Serve alongside wasabi.  

*Thinly Sliced Cucumbers: Using your peeler you can achieve thinly sliced cucumbers quite easily. Just simply disregard peeling the outside of the cucumber and focus on using the peeler to peel away the actual flesh in so doing you will have your thinly sliced cucumbers.

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