Vibrant Mango Smoothie Bowl

Refreshing fruit smoothihie bowls are just about an every day go to breakfast item since going vegan. They are easy to make and easy to customizable dependant on what fruit you have available at home.

Makes 1 Large Smoothie Bowl

1-1/2c Mango (peeled, frozen)

1/3c Dragon Fruit (peeled, frozen)

2ea Kiwi, fresh (peeled, sliced)

1ea Ruby Red Grapefruit, fresh (segmented)

1/4c Gooseberries (halved)

1/4c Blueberries

1/4c Coconut Water (plus additional if needed to help mango blend)


-Chef's Knife

-Cutting Board


-Kitchen Towel



-Serving Dish

In a highspeed blender, add frozen mango and frozen dragon fruit and blend until smooth. Add a small amount of coconut water if needed to get the fruit to start to evenly break down. Add thick mango mixture into a serving bowl. Top with fresh fruita and additional coconut water and serve.

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