Puerto Rican Style Vegan Picadillo

There are different ways you can make your Picadillo. I typically go the route of Cuban style adding a bit of white wine during the cooking process and allow that to reduce before adding the diced tomatoes. Also incorporating the Picadillo small diced potatoes. finishing it with sweet raisins alongside the sliced olives. This version is much easier to navigate and also easier to alter according to your preference.


Serves 3-4

2c Gluten-Free Veggie Grounds

1/4c Sofrito (page 68)

1T Tomato Paste 

3/4T Vegetable Bouillon

1T Cumin

1T Oregano

1T Olive oil

1/3c Chopped Tomatoes

1-1/2c Water

1/4c Green Olives

1/4c Raisins (optional)

1T Cilantro (rough chopped)


-Cutting Board

-Chef’s Knife

-Kitchen Towel

-Measuring Cups

-Measuring Spoons

-Cooking Spoon

-Blender/Food Processor

-Rubber Spatula

-Mixing Bowl

-Ziploc Freezer Bag

-Three Mixing Spoons

-Serving Plate

Heat oil in large saute pan on medium-high heat. Add sofrito, spices, tomato paste, and vegetable bouillon. Saute until for approximately 2 minutes or until sofrito and spices begin to brown. Add vegetable grounds, chopped tomatoes, and water. Lower heat to medium-low and allow to simmer approximately 8 minutes. Turn off heat and add olives and raisins. Serve over rice and garnish with cilantro.


Makes approximately 16oz

1ea White Onions ( rough chopped )

1ea bunch Cilantro

1/2 bunch Parsley

1/2c Fresh Garlic (roots trimmed off)

1ea Sweet Red Pepper (seeded)

1ea Green Bell Pepper (seeded)

1ea Cubanelle Pepper (seeded)

1ea Jalapeno (seeded)


-Cutting Board

-Chef’s Knife

-Kitchen Towel

-Measuring Cups

-Rubber Spatula

-Blender/Food Processor

-Ice Tray 


Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth. Portion in ice tray or mold and freeze. Use as desired.

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