Vegan Pasteles

Pasteles, a Puerto Rican classic that we also make in the Bahamas. You can interchange your desired filling but essentially the masa process is the same, almost completely mirroring that of the Alcapurrias with the exception of being steam and not fried. I did have a hard time finding the Yautia Root, but at most Latin-American markets they have an array of other roots that you can use in it's stead or hop over to the freezer section where they have the pre-made unseasoned masa...yes indeed, its okay to save time where you can. You have my permission.


Makes 6-8 ea

1ea Yautia Root (or malanga, peeled halved)

2ea Green Bananas (peeled, halved)

1ea Green Plantain (peeled, halved)

3/4c Unsweetened Almond Milk

1/4c Vegan Butter (melted)1-1/2cVegan Picadillo

1t Achiote Sazon

1/4t Sea Salt

1t Garlic (minced)

1t Cilantron (chopped)

2T Olive Oil


-Cutting Board

-Kitchen Towel


-Chef’s Knife

-Large Mixing Bowl

-Small Mixing Bowl

-Food Processor/ Blender/ Box


-Sieve or Cheese Cloth (for straining masa)

-Large Pot (for steamer)

-Mixing Spoon/Spatula

-Steamer or Small Rack

-Measuring Cups

-Measuring Spoons


-Small Spoon

-Tasting Spoon

-Banana Leaves* 6x8in

-Pastry Brush

-Serving Plate

In food processor, process green plantain, green banana, and yautia until root vegetables turn into an evenly coarse wet mixture (I recommend doing this in small batches to ensure that you don't over blend the masa which makes it really hard to work with.

Strain off excess liquid from masa with sieve or cheese cloth. Skim over mixture to pick out any large pieces that may have endured through the food processor. Add masa into mixing bowl along with almond milk, vegan butter, sazon, and sea salt. Mix until thoroughly combined (mixture should be wet not runny).

On sheet of banana leaf, add approximately 4-6 tablespoons of mixture and shape into a square. Fill the middle with 2-3T of picadillo or your desired amount (be mindful that the masa needs to encase the filling once wrapped so be careful not to over fill). Wrap the pastele gently, being sur that the masa encloses the picadillo completely. Repeat until all mixture is used.

Place pasteles in steamer or onto small rack over pot of boiling water. Cover the pasteles and steam for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Remove from heat and test one pastele to be sure the masa is cooked through.

Mix cilantro, garlic and olive oil in small mixing bowl. Unwrap and lightly brush pasteles with oil and serve.

© Copyright Korennrachelle