Vegan Monte Cristo Sandwiches

This gluten-free vegan egg coated deliciousness is absolutely worth the effort. Although the Monte Cristo sandwich is traditionally made with a buttery flaky croissant, this gluten free bun was so moist, the taste and texture did not skip one beat.

Makes 2 sandwiches

8ea Vegan Deli Slices

4ea Vegan Swiss Cheese (white cheese)

2ea Gluten-free Onion Rolls

½c Vegan Liquid Eggs (just egg, follow your heart)

2-1/2T Earth Balance Vegan Butter

Sea Salt pinch

Black Pepper pinch


-Chef's Knife

-Cutting Board

-Kitchen Towel

-Mixing Bowl

-Measuring Cups

-Measuring Spoons


-Saute Pan


-Serving Plate

Compose sandwiches by layering the deli slices and the vegan cheese on the sweet rolls. Close the sandwiches and cut both sandwiches in half. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl whisk salt and pepper into the prepared vegan liquid eggs.. Dip each sandwich half into vegan egg mixture covering all sides. I

On medium heat, add vegan butter to saute pan. once the butter is melted and sizzling, place coated sandwiches into pan and cook on each side until the egg is set and golden brown. Keep in consideration the vegan cheese with in the sandwich that needs to be melted so try not to rush the process with a high heat. Cook at least 1-2 minutes on each side. Serve.

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