Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie 

Raw vegan desserts are my favorite deserts to make. They are easy, require no baking and most times, very light and refreshing. This raw vegan key lime pie was an absolute delight to both create and eat.

Makes 1 - 9”round pan

Serves 8-10


1c Coconut Flour

2T Coconut Oil

4ea Dates (pitted, soft)

1/3c Coconut Shreds

1/2 Lime (zested, reserve juice for filling)


1c Cashews

1-1/2 Limes (zest and juiced)

1/3c Coconut Oil

1ea Can Coconut Cream

2t Vanilla Extract

1/8t Sea Salt

1/2c Agave Nectar 

Lime Wheel (garnish)



-Food Processor

-Citrus Reamer (hand juicer)

-Cutting Board

-Chef’s Knife

-Large Mixing Bowl

-Two Small bowls


-9” Round Non-Stick Baking Pan

-Rubber Spatula

-Serving Spatula

-Serving Dish


-Tasting Spoon

For the Crust:

In a food processor pulse all ingredients for the crust until combined into even crumbles. Be sure not to over blend crust turning it into a paste*. The crust should be crumbly but comes together when pressed between your fingers. If using your hands to form crust, be sure to thoroughly work the mixture between your fingers to form well combined even sized crumbles.Press crust firmly into the bottom of your 9” round pan. Set aside in the refrigerator.

For the filling:

Blend all the ingredients for the filling until smooth. Pour mixture over crust and freeze for approximately 2hrs or until set. Serve. Store in refrigerator.

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