Jamaican Stuffed Fried Dumplings/ Johnny Cakes

Makes approximately 12 ea Johnny Cakes or
6-8 each Stuffed Johnny Cakes
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 8-10 minutes

2c Spelt Flour (or all purpose)
3T Vegan Butter (sub coconut oil, subtract 1T if using all purpose or pastry flour)
1-1/2T Baking Powder
1t Sea Salt (fine)
2/3c Almond Milk (sub any plant based milk)
3c Frying Oil
6-8 each Oxtail pieces (in small chunks)

-Chef's Knife
-Cutting Board
-Kitchen Towel
-High Walled Frying Pan
-Perforated Spoon/ Slotted Spoon
-Lined Baking Tray (paper towels)
-Large Mixing Bowl
-Measuring Cups
-Candy Thermometer
-Measuring Spoons
-Serving Dish

In a large bowl whisk together dry ingredients until well combined. Add butte/oil and blend or whisk with your hands until butter is evenly distributed throughout the flour mix becoming slightly mealy with small chunks.

Add in milk in intervals being sure to work the dough and tjroroughly mix after each addition. Repeat until soft doughball forms. Cover and set aside to rest for approximately 10-15 minutes.
For regular Johnny Cakes, portion dough into 12 pieces or into desired sized portion sizes and roll into a ball between your hands. Be sure to pinch shut any cracks.

For stuffed Johnny Cakes, portion the dough into 8 wach pieces or into desired portion sizes. Using your hands press each dough portion out into a round disk. Pace a piece of the mock oxtail into the middle and fold close. Cut away any excess doughand pinch the edges closed. Roll between your hands to mak into a ball. Add a bit of water on any cracks or open seams and roll again to secure the oxtail filling inside.

In your frying pan, heat oil to approximate 350F on medium heat. Gentle place the Johnny Cakes inside and fry for approximately 3-5 minutes, being sure to rotate each Johnny Cake every 30 secs preventing them from over cooking or becoming unevenly browned. Keep in mind large Johnny Cakes may take a longer time to cook.

Once puffed up and crispy removefrom hot oil and place on to lined baking sheet to absorb any excess oil. Plate and serve.

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