Gluten-Free Vegan Cuban Sandwich 

Growing up in South Florida, one of the cuisines that I have been dipped is Cuban. I was 18 years old when I tried my first Cuban sandwich. I'd just started my position as a prep-cook at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. I was instantly sold. The cheese, the mustard, the pickles and the savory meat. This Vegan Cuban Sandwich is the truth

Makes 2 large sandwiches

1-1/2c Shredded Mock Vegan Pork

4 slices Vegan Swiss/White Cheese (Halved Lengthwise)

4 slices Vegan Deli Slices

4T Yellow Mustard

12ea Pickle Chips (divided, or 8ea long dill slices)

2ea Gluten Free Hoagie Rolls (sliced open)


-Chef's Knife

-Cutting Board

-Kitchen Towel

-Saute Pan


-Panini Press/ Cast Iron Pan w/ weight

-Tasting Spoon

-Measuring Cup

-Measuring Spoons


-Serving Plate


Reheat your mock pulled pork in saute pan on medium heat. Hold on low while you compose the rest the sandwich.

Spread mustard onto each half of the hoagie rolls. Lay down the cheese following mustard and top each half with pickles. Place the vegan deli slices on one half of each sandwich. On the opposite side directly on top of the cheese place the vegan pulled porl* (mushroom). Close up the sandwich and preheat your cast iron pan or Panini press on medium heat. 

Press sandwich in panini press or in cast iron pan, adding a weight on top to press the sandwich down. Once the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown and toasted. Slice in half and Serve.

Quick Tip: if the cheese is not melted before the bread browns. Open the sandwich and pop in the oven under the broiler for a few moments until the inside of the sandwich is hot and melted.

© Copyright Korennrachelle