Bahamian Conch* Chowder

2c Mock Conch (scored, cut into bite-size pieces)
2c Tomatoes (canned large dice w/ juice)
2c Kale (julienne)
1/3c Celery (medium dice)
1/3c White Onion (medium dice)
1/4c Red Bell Peppern (medium dice)
1/4c Green Bell Pepper (medium dice)
1/2c Potato (medium dice)
1/4c Green Caribbean Seasoning
4c Water
1 ea Vegan Bouillon (1 tablespoon)
1T Thyme
1/2T Red Pepper Flakes (optional)
1c Chickpea Pasta (plus an addition 1-3/4c water)
Parsley (garnish, julienne)
Sea Salt tt
Black Pepper tt

1T Cooking Oil 

Caribbean Green Seasoning
1bun Parsley
1bun Cilantro
12ea Garlic cloves (three heads broken down and cleaned)
1/2c Olive oil
2-3 Red Chili Peppers (seeds removed)

-Chef's knife
-Cutting Board
-Kitchen Towel
-Large Pot
-Cooking Spoon/Spatula
-Tasting Spoon
-Serving Dish

-Food Processor

-Storage Container

For The Stew

In a large pot on medium high heat add tablespoon of olive oil and green caribbean seasoning. Saute until the seasoning starts to brown and add bouillon and potatoes. Followed by onions, bell peppers, kale, celery, and mock conch. Saute until kale begins to wilt. Add tomatoes, water, thyme, and red pepper flakes. Taste to add sea salt and pepper. Reduce heat down to medium and cover and allow stew to cook for approximately 35 minutes until the mock conch has become tender and the flavors come together. Taste for additional flavor adjustments. Add chickpea pasta and additional water. Cover to allow pasta to cook for an additional 8-9 minutes.

Allow the stew to cool down to room temperature and refrigerate, the next day stew tastes even better!

For the Green Caribbean Seasoning

Combine all ingredients into a food processor and blend until moderately smooth. Transfer into a storage container and refrigerate or freeze until desired usage.

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