Vegan Alcapurrias Gluten Free

If you have not had the chance to delve into Puerto Rican Cuisine, this would be a pretty good place to start. Alcapurrias are so delicious! This recipe can be a bit labor intensive, so I recommend making you Picadillo the day before to save time.

Makes 6-8 ea

1ea Yautia Root (or malanga, peeled halved)

2ea Green Bananas (peeled, halved)

1ea Green Plantain (peeled, halved)

1-1/2c Vegan Picadillo

1t Cumin

1/4t Sea Salt

2c Canola Oil (for Frying)

Mayo-ketchup dipping sauce (optional)


-Cutting Board


-Chef’s Knife

-Large Mixing Bowl

-Food Processor/ Blender/ Box Grater

-Small-Medium Pot (for frying)

-Mixing Spoon/Spatula

-Perforated Spoon/Spatula (for frying)

-Paper Towel

-Small Sheet Tray


-Small Spoons

-6”x6” in Sheets Of Parchment 6-8ea pieces


n food processor, process green plantain, green banana, and yautia until root vegetables turn into an evenly coarse wet mixture. Add puree into mixing bowl and season with cumin and sea salt. Mix until thoroughly combined.

On top of a small sheet of parchment paper with a small spoon, add approximately 3-4 Tablespoons of mixture and shape into a concave oval. Fill the middle with picadillo. Spoon root vegetable mix over top one spoon at a time being sure to cover all exposed picadillio as you go along. Repeat until all mixture is used. Lay out Alcapurrias onto small tray and  place in freezer until they become firm to touch. Approximately 2hours.

In medium high sided pot on medium-high heat, add oil. Once oil reaches 350F, gently add Alcapurrias. Fry only two at a time to prevent too much of a temperature drop during the initial fry.

Fry for approximately 3-4 minutes or until the alcapurria is fully cooked and the vegan picadillo is heated through. Internal temperature of at least 165F. Drain oil off alcapurrias by placing them directly from the oil onto paper towel lined tray. Serve with Mayo-ketchup.

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